All our products are manufactured using fair trade practices and are completely cruelty-free. We use only the best quality materials that are responsibly sourced, such as – freshwater pearls,gold plated brass, silver plated brass and lab grown diamonds.

Additionally, as our business grows, we aim to give back to society in any possible way that we can. This year, we are giving 2% from every sale made towards - (i) Providing relief to local families who have suffered financially due to the pandemic; and (ii) planting more trees. We 'thank you' for every purchase that you make from us to create a happy world "together".


Our commitment towards sustainability is facilitated by an overarching and well-established internal governance structure. We adhere to the stringent implementation of a series of policies covering business ethics, anti-bribery/corruption and overall compliance regulations.

All our partners and employees are regularly communicated about our values and fair trade practices with which we conduct our business.


At Patisaa Jewellery, we are continually engaging with relevant stakeholders to understand their concerns. Our responsible practices can be broadly segmented into four categories:

Researched and Careful Sourcing

Ethical Practices

Investment in our people and extending support to society

Awareness Raising & Engagement

Our internal committee closely monitors and ensures adherence to all above.