Patisaa Jewellery is a personal dream created out of a need to have classy, beautiful and trendy fashion jewellery that is rightfully 'affordable' and ‘delightful’ to all. We consistently work to design and produce statement jewellery products that like a beautiful art piece are creative, colorful, varied and expansive across categories of - earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings. This makes our brand of fashion jewellery indeed unique across the board.

Our trend spotting department at Patisaa Jewellery draws inspiration from couture runways, by commissioning acclaimed young jewellery designers and engaging fashion stylists to deliver exquisitely attractive, classy, affordable and statement worthy 'must have' styles as well as ravishing designs.

Our continuing efforts are towards becoming a global fashion forward jewellery brand that delivers to the style sensibilities of every girl and woman. We have over 150 new styles with more added twice each week. We know you have your own unique style which is beautiful - our designs go a step further to add that additional 'Oomph'!

We want you to make that dreamy and lingering statement with your look and style. Visit our store and experience us..